Alex McIlwaine

Welcome to my small piece of the web

About Me

I have 5+ years in customer/client facing roles in both IT/web and retail industries, most recently as a Web Support Specialist in Guelph, Ontario.
After focusing on Software Engineering and Computer Networks at college/university, I did a course in Education Principles to give me skills in teaching and training.
You can view my complete online LinkedIn résumé here
I'm a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan (rarely a pleasurable experience) and I like watching documentaries. I also really enjoy playing computer games on my PC.

Side Projects and Interests

When I arrived in Canada as an immigrant I had lots of support from my wife and her family. Lots of people arrive without such support. RedThirteen is a small blog that focuses on the practicalities of life when you arrive in a new country. I specifically focus on Ontario-relevant topics where necessary.

Chelsea Galoni
A simple, clean, information based site for my wife that she uses to record her accomplishments as she pursues a PhD.

Applying for PR Common-Law/Spousal Canada Facebook group
I am an administrator of this group which is dedicated to helping people who are working through the long application process that will allow them to come to Canada to join their Canadian partner/spouse. Along with other members, I help answer questions and give advice as people go through the process my wife and I completed in 2012-13. The group has over 750 members who have completed the process or are still in progress.

Places I've Called Home

Home is currently Guelph, Ontario. I've been fortunate to have lived in several cities across three countries.

Map of places I've lived


I sometimes snap a few pics on my phone when I'm out and about. You can view my pictures on flickr

Biggest Burger I've ever eaten Public Service Broadcasting View out the plane window The Bean, Chicago, Illinois, USA


Putting on weight is easy...but now I'm trying to get myself into more reasonable shape.

Peak Weight

237 lbs

Peak BMI


Current Weight

205.5 lbs

Current BMI


Target Weight

187 lbs

Target BMI


Progress to target